Born in Moscow, Russia
ives and works in Haifa at Pyramida Center of Contemporary Art
Performer at Sal Tarbut Arzi (Lectures at Schools about my art works)

2006-2008 MFA Advanced studies in Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Tel Aviv
2003-2006 Departments of Fine Art, Hamidrasha school of Art, Beit Berl Collage
1978-1981 B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science, Tel Aviv University

Galleries and Cooperations

2016 Orly Dvir Gallery TA
2013 Feinberg Projects Gallery, TA
Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint Petersburg
Ronit Eden , Amsterdam
2012 Marie Laure Fleish Gallery, Rome
2009-2012 Shay Arye Gallery TA

Master class

2013 Artistic process Hermitage Center for Youths


Solo Exhibitions

2016 Pat -   Draw by agreement     Hakibbutz Gallery TA

Nora Yaffe  Yaffe Nora  Hakibbutz Gallery TA
Not crowded Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud

2013 2 solo exhibitions  Incorporeal Reality  Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint Petersburg
2012 Making Order, Municipal Gallery, Rehovot, Israel
2011 Lost Time, Artist Wall, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod
2010 Kapusta, Shay Arye Gallery, T.A
Magen Antoinette, Drawing Installation, Beit Kenner Gallery, Rishon Lezion
The Rhizome Passion, Yigal Alon Museum, Kibbutz Ginossar
Drawing Attack, Kibbutz Cabri Gallery
2009 Permanent, Shay Arye Gallery, T.A.
2008 Six at Saf gallery, Artists House, T.A.
Everybody's Air, Jerusalem Art Center.
2003 The Clerk, Eisenberg Gallery, T.A.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Erev-rav Internet Magazin, everyday image Artbook

                    Woman to woman     Herzelilenblum Museum of Discount Bank
               Galabi Beit Meiroff Hulon
White on White Mane Katz Museum Haifa
Gate 3

Activist Summer Camp    Beer Seeva Museum of Art
Utopia Haifa Museum of Art

Babel Tower Schema gallery NY
Secretart 8 Beit Mani TA


Alph-art Sara Ehrman  Gallery Ta

Culture PalaceHaifa Port Gate 3

Lion in DesertWall Painting at “Fridgeder” happening TA

Plaster 3 Salon Jaffo for Arts, Physisians for human rights

Spirit of Israel Lilenblum Bank Donation exhibition

Italy Israel Foundation for culture and the Venue:

Teatro Franco Parenti Milano 

 “And  the winners are …” Tel Aviv Mesuem of Arts

Along the lines of Imagination Tel Aviv Museum


ON a Move Herzelya Artists house

     Chicago Triangle Haifa Museum

Benefit at Los Angeles

 Winter SaloonFeinberg projects gallery

      Bring me a grandchild   New and Bad Gallery Haifa

Reshamim V 5th Jerusalem Bieannale of Drawing 

2013 Reshamim V  Jerusalem Bieannale of Drawing
Variations of dance    Yavne artist  workshop
Love art     Tel Aviv Open Studio
Visual Script    The Wilfrid Israel Museum
Vienna Artfair with Marina Gisich gallery
Art Moscow   with Marina Gisich Gallery
Galil Paint     Hazor Glilit Institute
Site Specific 3    Nahmani 15 Tel Aviv
Jane Walking    Haifa Museum Jane’s walkings project
Curating “Urban Nature” exhibition
Knitted Regisry    The International  Curatorial  Studies Program CCA Organization
Come  closer    Feinberg Projects Gallery, Tel Aviv
Carrier Pigeon  Flat Iron Gallery NY
Carrier Pigeon  Grit N Glory NY
Carrier Pigeon  Metropolis Gallery, NY
Plaster   Salon Jaffo for Arts, Physisians for human  rights
Site specific   Tel Aviv Gallery
Local Pulse  TA Artist’s House
Bologna Art Fair  ItalyBologna Art Fair Foreign Artists
2012 Securities   Shay Arye Gallery, T.A.
                   Left Hand    Shreiber gallery, TA University
 De profondus project    Radio Voice of Music and Tv broadcasting
Work at process    Beit Tami, TA
Securities     Shay Arye gallery, TA 
Play something     Piano project,  TA
Signature    duo exhibition at Ponte de Sor, Portugal
2011 Help Mate, Pyramida Gallery, Haifa
Monkeys 9 people, T.A. Israel
Drawing Connection, Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy
International Mail Art Exhibition & Swap, Richmond Gallery, Toronto,Canada
Edges & curves, Haggus Society, LA, California, USA
Nurtureart Annual Benefit, NY, USA
Wood's way, Gallery of Tiveon, Israel
Much More Contemporary, Shay Arye Gallery, T.A.
Black Flowers do not exist, Pyramida, Haifa
On the Edge, Artist's House, T.A.
Carrier Pigeon, Sacred Gallery. N.Y.
Rodina-Motherhood, Pyramida, Haif
Open studio, Aritst invites an other Artist Pyramida, Haifa
2010 Haifa-Povlidiv-Bulgaria Bulgaria and Haifa
Reshamim 4 Drawing Biennale , Artists's House, Jerusalem
Sleeping Paralyze, KG45, T.A. Love Arts
Layers, Pyramida, Haifa
Dreaming Reality Pyramida, Haifa
Sham Festival K institute of Art Beer Sheva
Fresh Paint 3 Jaffo
Selling Happeningfor "Amutat Tamar", T.A.
Remains St-Art Gallery, Serge Tirosh house, Jaffo
Bank Hapoalimcontribution exhibition, Tel Aviv
Bread and roses, Gallery of Minshar school of arts
Attention/Art, Art in Haifa
2009 Links, Holiday of Holidays Festival, Gefen House, Haifa
Not Necessarily Feminine, Pyramida Gallery, Haifa, curator: Smadar Schindler
For Sale, Shay Arye Gallery, Tel Aviv
Environmental Sensibility, Art Biennale in the Menashe Forest,
Something Inside the White, Gallery for Art and Culture, Nazareth.
The End is Up There, Pyramida Gallery, Haifa
Souvenir, Yigal Alon Museum, Kibbutz Ginossar.
Heaven Forbid, Shay Arye Gallery, T.A.
2008 A Question of Control?, Pyramida Gallery, Haifa
Dreams in Windows, Holiday of Holidays Festival, Haifa
Alima's Friends, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv
Gift, Artopia Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Rakefet Viner Omer
Souvenir, Pyramida Gallery, Haifa, curator: Avraham Eilat
Salame 008, MFA graduate exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv, curators: Nahum Tevet and Yossi Breger
Day and Night, Gilit Fisher Gallery, Tel Aviv
The Voice of Words, Hazira Performance Art, Jerusalem, curator: Smadar Schindler
Flock, Gallery of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv, curator: Helen de Main
2007 Engine, Gallery of the Minshar for Art, Tel Aviv, curator: Haim Lusky
Sleep, Municipal Gallery, Rishon LeZion, curator: Rakefet Viner Omer
Rockart, Jerusalem Music Center, Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem, curator: Sari Golan
2006 Graduateexhibition, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College curators: Angela Klein and Shibetz Cohen
2004 Israeli Art, Reiding Power Station, Tel Aviv, curator: Ruti Direktor
Kir Royal,Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Doron Rabina


2014  Caravella       group exhibition Benyamin Gallery

2013            Urban Nature  (Haifa Museum, Jane walking)   group  exhibition



  2016        Thoughts about Craft - Theory and Criticism at Bezalel, Resling publishing

          Spirit of Israel collection

2014   Beneton Collection by Neomi Aviv

 Carrier Pigeion Illustrated Fiction and Fine art  13 - Illustration of Rick Bursky poems

 About Paper     a book of   Contemporary Israeli Art, by  Giorgia Calo, Rome

     Marie-Laure Gallery


   Carrier-Pigeon-Illustrated-Fiction-and-Fine-Art, NY

Ms.Use  Text & Sex A magazine about Sexuality Art and Culture



2014   Prize of Minister of Culture and Sport for 2014

2013   Fresh Paint of Galile .

2009    Honorary mention for "emerging artist," Avrahami Prize, Municipal Art Gallery, Rishon Lezion

2007    Prize for the Encouragement of Artmaking, Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

2007   Lee Cooper Merit Prize, Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Since 2008   Young Artists Residency Program, Pyramida Art Center, Haifa



2012  Bank  Hapoalim

  Shlomo Gross  collection

2011  Lise Curry  N.Y 

  Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel


Anat Ahuvi, Israel

   David Reznik, N.Y.

   Serge Tiroche Collection, Jaffo, Israel

   Gaby Peretz Collection, Israel

Avi & Niza Reich Collection, Israel